Local Scout Shops Information

Official Cub Scout Uniform - Class "A"

Blue (or khaki for Webelos) scout shirt, neckerchief and slide.  Worn with blue pants or blue jeans - long pants or shorts.


Informal uniform - Class "B"

Class B uniform is one of the Pack 24 t-shirts; the current version is the standard-issue khaki t-shirt given out at the Bobcat ceremony.

Cub Scout Uniform**

1. American Flag (comes with uniform)15. Bear Silver Arrow Point
2. Den Number16. Tiger Cub Service Star
3. Webelos Colors ( for activity badges)17. Cub Scout Service Star (wear only one)
4. Quality Unit Award (Most Recent)18. Progress toward ranks/Webelos Compass
5. Council Emblem19. Wolf Beads (Yellow)
6. Unit Numerals20. Bear Beads (Red)
7. World Crest21. Temporary Badge (wear only one)
8. Bobcat Badge22. National Summertime Pack Award
9. Wolf Badge23. Denner/Assistant Denner Cords if elected
10. Bear Badge24. Arrow of Light
11. Webelos Badge25. Recruiter Stripe
12. Wolf Gold Arrow Point26. Attendance Pin/Year Bar (wear only one)
13. Wolf Silver Arrow Point27. Veteran Unit Bars
14. Bear Gold Arrow Point

Cub Scout Red Vest - Put your patches HERE!


The red vest is an optional purchase for the Wolf, Bear and Webelos Scouts. It is where all non-achievement badges go, like community service patches, World Conservation Award patch, Summertime Pack Award pin, etc. The vest is worn to the Pack meetings as part of the Cub Scout uniform.


An alternate idea for keeping patches includes sewing them on a fleece blanket. Non-achievement patches must not be worn on the blue or tan Cub Scout uniform shirt.








Webelos Uniform - It CAN be tan

Olive/Tan Webelos Scout Uniform

Webelos Scouts electing to wear the olive/tan uniform wear blue shoulder loops on the epaulets, a Webelos neckerchief, Webelos neckerchief slide (or handcrafted slide), and Webelos cap. Blue or olive belt may be worn. However, Cub Scout Sports and Academics loops will fit only on the blue belt. Badge placement is same as for blue uniform. Official BSA socks are worn with the olive shorts.

Patch Placement

Right Sleeve - Wear U.S. flag with den numeral (or Webelos den emblem) centered directly below. Sew the most recently earned Quality Unit Award centered with its top four inches down from the shoulder seam. If the pack elects, Webelos Scouts may wear the Webelos colors. Wear the Webelos colors immediately below and touching the U.S. flag and wear Webelos activity badges (pins) on the colors.

Left Sleeve - Wear your council shoulder patch adjacent to the shoulder seam as shown. The pack numeral is worn directly below except when veteran unit insignia bar (25, 50, 55, or 60 years) is worn. The veteran unit bar is worn centered below the council patch and above the numeral, and touches both. Denner cord or Assistant Denner cord is worn over left shoulder.




Right Pocket - Temporary insignia are not necessary in uniform inspections, but if worn, must be centered on the pocket.  The National Summertime Award is pinned centered on the right pocket flap. The Recruiter strip is worn below the right pocket.

Left Pocket - Wear badges of rank as shown: Bobcat, Wolf, and Bear; Webelos Scouts add Webelos badge. The Arrow of Light Award (in metal or cloth) is centered on the flap.  Wear knot medals just above the pocket seam, and service stars centered just above knots, or 3/8 inch above seam if no knots are worn. Background disks worn with service stars are: orange for Tiger Cub service; gold for Cub Scout service. Multiple service stars should be spaced three-quarters of an inch apart, on center. Cub Scouts can wear their Tiger Cub service star and one Cub Scout service star.

Not more than five knots may be worn. Wearing sequence for knots is at the wearer's discretion. The only knots worn by Cub Scouts are the religious emblem knot and a lifesaving or meritorious award knot. As an expression of world brotherhood, the World Crest may be worn centered over the left pocket midway between the top of the pocket and the shoulder seam. An Attendance pin and bar may be worn over the left pocket. Up to five ribbon medals (Pinewood Derby, Space Derby, Regatta Derby, etc.) may also be worn above the left pocket.

 **These pictures and information came from Cub Scout Pack 54 of Lee's Summit, MO's unofficial website (http://www.geocities.com/bsaweb54/index.html)